Argentina Fielded 12 Players to Clinch the Hockey World Cup Bronze Medal

It was a rare situation during the high level hockey tournament, but eventually Argentina won the bronze medal after fielded 12 players for 2 minutes and 26 seconds. The England side made a complaint to the International Hockey Federation for the incident that made the Luca Rey who is the Argentina captain suspended for the next international game. The 12th player left the court without making the notification to the technical table. Based on the hockey regulation; the Argentina captain should spend 5 minutes of the sideline, but he was not. The England said that the incident was definitely affecting the result of the game since Argentine managed to score two goals when Luca Rey should be left on the sidelines.
Philip Kimberley who is an England chairman said that the game management should be improved to prevent similar incident in the future. England never won any medals in the Hockey World Cup after their silver in 1986. Harry Martin who played for Beeston said about his disappointment that they unable to get the bronze medal due to the incident. England was beaten by Netherlands in the semi final before losing 2 – 0 by Argentina on their last game of the tournament. Argentina is favourites to win the World Cup with daftar sbobet after Brazil.